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Yorkridge Project

The Yorkridge project was a highly complex and challenging design project for the team, as they had to contend with a steeply sloping topography, natural surroundings, and regulations from conservation authorities and zoning bylaws. Despite these challenges, the team managed to create a stunning and functional three-story house in North York with an amazing view of the CN Tower in downtown. One of the most unique and innovative features of the Yorkridge project is the use of an "upside-down" floor plan. This means that the family room is located on the top floor, while the sleeping areas are on the middle level. This approach allows for the best views of the surrounding area, while also providing privacy and separation between living and sleeping spaces. Despite the challenges faced during the design of the Yorkridge project, the end result is a stunning and unique residence that seamlessly blends modern design with the natural environment. The design team's ability to overcome the challenges of the site and regulations to create a functional and beautiful space is a testament to their skill and expertise in the field of architecture and design

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