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Mehdy Ajvand, Founding partner in Hyphe Studio

Mehdy Ajvand

Mehdy Ajvand, is an OAA registered Architect and Founding Partner who brings more than 10 years of experience in different fields of design to the firm.

From huge public projects to private residential ones, his technical and practical experience always leads to creative and reasonable design solutions.

Having  a Bachelor Degree in Architecture from The University of Tehran and Master of Landscape Architecture From S.B. University gives him an integrated vision over the project which he completes with his extraordinary knowledge of details and construction.

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Noushin Mozaffari, Founding partner in Hyphen Studio

Noushin Mozaffari

Noushin Mozaffari, Founding Partner and Senior architectural designer, has a great passion and experience in Residential design. Over the past 10 years, She has designed a recognizable portfolio of complex, variously scaled residential and mixed-use projects from single family dwellings to residential clusters and neighborhoods.

Having a B.Arch. from The University of Tehran and M.Arch. from S.B.  University and also Bachelor of Music from University of Tehran, gives her a unique combination of knowledge and creativity to treat an architectural project as a piece of art which should be intercepted just as a pleasant and functional unity.

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