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The exterior is exactly what it’s supposed to be but the interior is far away from its potentials!

Lawrence Park Residence is done .While the construction has been 100% loyal to the architectural design, the interior design is not following the main design concept ,as the result a unique project turns to an ordinary one with luxury finishing. this happens when the interior designer is not capable of keeping aligned with the architect and tries to impose his/her own statement on someone else’s creature.

Many things could be better in Lawrence park residence; the central free-standing stairs was supposed to show itself as a sculpture, the emphasizing feature wall of the dining room had to be the one facing the stairs, the family room’s wall unit shouldn’t be symmetrical and the free-standing wall behind the living room that is wrapped with U-shape glazed facade had to be one continuous element in that floating double-height space …

The architectural design was so sufficient that the house just needed to be finished with the utmost simplicity and minimalism, instead it’s overwhelmed with so many excessive decorative elements.

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