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Sandringham Residence is done!

Another project is done and we can't wait to see the life flowing into it.

we called the project Scenery residence, because it’s located on a huge property with a spectacular view at the back looking to Earl Bales lake and ravine, the picturesque nature surrounds the house and overwhelms the residents with its beauty in all 4 seasons.

Hyphen studio has done architectural and interior design of Scenery residence. The project includes renovation and interior alteration of main floor & basement and additions on top of the garage and to the rear of the existing 2-storey house. The existing concrete deck is added to the interior space to create a huge double-height family room at the heart of the house and all day-spaces and circulation areas are organized around the central family room to enjoy the spectacular view that nature offers at the rear of the house . Required square footage is provided by several added portions to the existing house without changing its footprint to minimize impacts on the natural heritage. The configuration of the kitchen, secondary staircase and side access is changed to make a functional relationship between service areas of the basement, main floor and rear yard.

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