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Mona Residence

The Mona project is a truly unique custom-designed home located on an exceptional lot in the prestigious Lytton Park area of Toronto. The house boasts a modern and modest style, with a focus on luxury finishes and elegant design details. The combination of contemporary architecture and high-end materials creates a timeless aesthetic that is both sophisticated and inviting. The house was designed with customization in mind, with every aspect of the design tailored to fit the specific needs and lifestyles of the clients. From the layout of the rooms to every detail was carefully considered to ensure that the house was a perfect fit for the client's lifestyle. The Mona project is currently in the final stages of completion, with the finishing touches being added to the house. The attention to detail and quality of workmanship are evident throughout the property, from the beautifully crafted kitchens and bathrooms to the luxurious bedrooms and spacious living areas.

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