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Elastic House is Ready for All Generations!

We called the Project Elastic House,  since it’s residence of an elderly couple but stretches to host family’s son and daughter along with their 6 grandchildren, the design is flexible to simultaneously accommodate the needs of 3 generations.   The project is a three-story modern single-family dwelling located in a developing high-end neighborhood, Bed ford Park in Toronto, Ontario. Despite the narrow frontage of the property (25  feet ), its unique shape gave us the opportunity to accommodate an enclosed single car - garage at the rear portion of the property and use the whole frontage for designing a unique custom-designed house based on specific needs of the clients.  Stepping into the age and downsizing,   the clients needed an open & multi functional space on the main floor,   a decent master bedroom with a study room on 2nd floor and two additional bedrooms on 3rd floor for children and grandchildren who sleepover. A double-height welcome area at the front combined with an open study nook on the 2nd  floor connects the house with the neighborhood

through the most public activities of the house while private spaces like master bedroom and family room are perfectly working with the rear yard. Multiple balconies and a spacious roof deck on 3rd floor compensate for the limited area of the backyard and bring more opportunities for enjoying outdoor space for each bedroom. The project has been designed in the Summer of 2018 &  finished in November 2019.

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