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Strathcona Residence

Thanks to Parvinchi Homes, The project is a great contemporary custom-designed detached house located back to Lakeshore Blvd in Burlington, Ontario.

The main challenge in this project was to deal with a zoning designation that governs both lot coverage and gross floor area simultaneously. To turn this limitation into an opportunity; both living room and Family room are double height and as a result, the building envelope gives the sense of much bigger house than what actual livable space is.

Also, these open big void areas provide a very readable interior layout when the residents step out of any four bedrooms on the 2nd floor, they fill themselves in the middle of an integrated area where they can be connected with the activities of the whole main floor.

Having a wide frontage provides the opportunity to have a kitchen, dining and family rooms looking to the back yard while dining and living rooms are connected through a bar area.

Photography and Video By AB Studio/ PANO Entertainment

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