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Even Structure was special for ...JOYOUS!

​​Having two below grade levels including habitable space below garage, made us to look for something extraordinary for The Joyous Residence.​​

After evaluating all different options for structural system, we chose using per-stressed concrete slab in combination with composite beam .​​

These per-stressed concrete slabs can carry most of usual point-loads in residential buildings and provides flexibility in architectural design by eliminating unnecessary load bearing elements.

​​Profiles of composite beams have different shapes, sizes and details to perfectly fit the concrete slabs. As the result the thickness of of floor assembly can significantly be reduced.

Using this structural system needs more effort in design process but it's so fast, efficient and accurate for construction stage. As the architect of the project we had to review slab edge plan, foundation walls drawings and construction details to make sure they are absolutely compatible with architectural design.

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